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Walking on the Beach & Playing in the Ocean

Seriously, it’s magical. I’m speechless.

It’s therapy.

I may feel frustrated, confused, sad, lonely, lost, and uninspired. I walk on the beach, and that energy is transformed. A dip in the ocean does the same. Negative energy transmuted into lightness of being.

The combination of nature, healing rhythmic sounds, sunshine, soft sand, natural cleansing, and vigorous movement lifts my spirits and reminds me who I am: a divine manifestation of consciousness. We all are. But we forget.

In day to day life, it’s so easy to be distracted from the truth of who we are. We live in a world of external distractions. We live with minds filled with social programs telling us who we should be and what we should be doing.

Nature reminds us.

The ocean is a reservoir of memory. An eternal information bank. She carries the truth of existence. Coming into contact with her, we are forced into a higher frequency.

I see it with everyone around me. Those on the spiritual path. Those on the party path. It doesn’t matter. They all laugh and smile in her blue bosom. They all stare into her. She hypnotizes visually and with sound.

What helps you transmute negative energy into a higher frequency?

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