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Travel Challenges the Root Chakra

Root chakra issues keep coming up.

To deal with matters of shelter day to day is an inherent part of traveling, but there seems to be something about this island in particular that shakes up the root.

It’s been particularly challenging to obtain and secure steady housing on the island of Koh Phangan.

It’s a beautiful beach destination attractive to the conscious and unconscious communities alike for its yoga and detox retreats and the full moon party.

The jungle, beaches, good food, temples, and laid back atmosphere attract everyone in between.

There are housing developments popping up everywhere to meet the demand.

On full moon night for example, my friend and I were ousted from our resort, as it was fully booked.

There wasn’t a room available on the entire island that night!

Fortunately, we knew some people with a house and were able to crash on their floor.

Other nights in the resort, we had to switch rooms.

And, today our resort told us we had to check out.

Turns out my friend booked through today, not through tonight!

I felt my stomach turn over anxiously.

Again with the root chakra!

It can be unnerving and ungrounding to be moving, moving, moving constantly.

I am still adjusting to the transience required of me on this adventure.

I prefer to be rooted, stable, and secure in my own little nest, but I grow to resent that as well and find myself feeling trapped or stuck in a self-constructed comfort zone.

Meditation has been a way for me to remain grounded.

Writing also.

My yoga practice has fallen by the wayside, and I resolve to at least practice a couple sun salutations every morning moving forward.

I look forward to more extended stays in my travel ahead to ground and organize.

I’ll be moving to a different bungalow tomorrow for a week, then I’ll take an epic journey across Thailand to another island, where I’ll be between two places for three weeks.

Hopefully, I’ll learn and implement more grounding skills on the go!

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