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The Simple Secret To Success

My yoga teacher in India said that the key to success is to do the opposite of what everyone else does.

When they sleep, work.

When they work, sleep.

It rings perfectly true. I take it even further.

I eat a diet that most would not even consider: all raw fruits and veggies, and small amounts of nuts and seeds.

And, I don’t eat common foods, such as processed foods and animal products, that make up the majority of the Standard American Diet.

Every morning I’m up by 4:30-5am, when others sleep.

Every night, I’m asleep by 9-10pm, when many others are awake.

Often, I am alone at work throughout the first half of my work shift. Sometimes, I work 5-6 hours before someone else shows up.

I work on Saturdays and Sundays, when most people are enjoying their weekend time off. These are my favorite days to work, as there is no traffic!

When others are at work in the afternoons and evenings, I am practicing yoga and enjoying a relaxing evening.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, most people are at work. I’m having my “weekend” working on my business, practicing yoga, relaxing, and volunteering at a therapeutic horsemanship center.

When I’m at my job working with my hands, I engage my mind by listening to audiobooks and studying finances and business.

As I get my financial education, I am learning that the best financial advice is the opposite of what most people are doing.

Think About It

What are the ways you are doing what everyone else is doing?

What are the ways you are doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing?

To be awake in a world where most are asleep…

To be healthy in a world where most are unhealthy…

To be happy in a world where most are sad…

We must do the opposite.

We must do something radically different.

I’m not saying to do what I do.

Find your own way to do the opposite.

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