Thai Island Paradise Retreat: Koh Mak

I am hesitant to write this blog in fear of tarnishing the tranquil perfection that is the Thai island of Koh Mak during the low season.Intermittent torrential downpours and cloudy days failed to discourage me and my two friends from enjoying the plentiful near-empty beaches, swim spots, and jungle treks available to us. It truly felt like our own private…

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Recipes, Special Diet

Chunky Coconut Curry

This may be the best thing I’ve ever made… Since I sold and stored everything that didn’t fit in my backpack and traveled to southeast Asia, I have really missed playing in the kitchen! It is definitely a fulfilling creative outlet for me and a way that I show myself love. Thankfully, my current abode has a shared kitchen! Think…

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Spiritual Journey, Travel

Show Up and Surrender

Airports are like their own sovereign nations. Every time I am in one IĀ feel at home and at peace. I can figure out where I need to go. I can ask someone for help. Helpful signs abound. They even have tax-free and duty-free shopping, which is not my thing any more, but definitely part of why they feel like sovereign…

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