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Working With Disgust, Aversion, And Mild OCD In Hot Yoga Class

All my life I’ve been a little OCD… A little bit of a neat freak… A little bit of a clean freak… Counting sometimes — my horse’s strides; my own strides while walking, running, hiking, biking, working out; the cars of trains… A bit of an overachiever in school. Nothing too extreme or problematic or clinically significant. Working With Disgust…

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Mindful Movement: Combine Your Exercise With Meditation!

Who doesn’t love a 2 for 1? I loved working a relatively mindless job, because I could listen to podcasts and audiobooks, and learn something new while also making money. I love driving on long roadtrips (another relatively mindless activity), and listening to podcasts and aubiobooks to enhance my knowledge and expand my mind. Running, hiking, or exercising with friends…

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Working With Competitive Mind + The Compulsion To Compare

Hey fiery pittas! This one’s for you! It’s also for those with a lot of fire in their astrological charts, Type A personalities, and anyone who notices their own flaming competitiveness, ambition, drive, and passion. So you have a competitive mind? Join the club. You’re in GREAT company. Lots of CEOs and powerful people here. And it’s all good. Until…

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