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Cacao Mint Chip Nice Cream: Raw Recipe + Recommendations For Your Ayurveda Dosha

We all need to indulge sometimes. The best indulgences are guilt-free! I have been obsessed with the mint-chocolate combination since I was a kid. My favorite ice cream flavor has always been the vibrant green mint chocolate chip. Now as an adult, I have re-created my childhood favorite! It’s not green, but it sure is tasty! Enjoy this for breakfast,…

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Easy Sweet Treat Recipe: Banana Cinnamon Rolls

The sweetest raw treat in the world is the banana cinnamon roll. Last year at the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2018, I had the absolute pleasure of making thousands of those beauties along with dear friends of mine. I learned the recipe at Woodstock in 2016, and the original version derives from Canadian raw foodie recipe creator, Robert Kornacki. This super…

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