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Spirit Animals: Animal Messages in Daily Life

Everywhere I go animals speak to me. Not literally, but symbolically.

Well actually, kind of literally. I feel a telepathic connection with them, as if I know what they would say if they were to be speaking aloud with human language. I often channel their communications light-heartedly, but I get the feeling that an actual channel exists between them and me.

This connection dates back to my early childhood. I am an only child and always found myself in the company of animals. As an infant and small child, I spent most of my time with the family dog Zeus who watched over me. My parents often found me sharing the kennel with him.

Dogs, cats, horses, lizards, and many other animals always attracted my attention during heaps of solo playtime and competition, as in the case of horses. They were apt substitutes for siblings and helped me develop innate psychic abilities early on. I worked with their energies in dreams and stories I wrote.

As I opened myself to more esoteric and occult ideas in the past few years, I found myself researching spirit animals and animal totems. I learned that this is an actual “thing,” not just some connection I felt in isolation.

I began to look up the meanings of specific animals, as they appeared in my waking life and dreams. Instead of flipping out when I saw a spider, snake, roach, or other animal with a bad reputation, I’d google their symbolic meaning.

This shifted my relationship to animals and further honed my intuitive abilities. Animals represent yet another bank of information when I ask for guidance or direction.

Whilst traveling in Thailand, a number of animals have popped out at me. In particular, I’ve noticed ants, roaches, dragonflies, butterflies, certain talkative birds, roosters, dogs, lizards, and cats. The last two have been the most striking since I arrived on Koh Chang.

Each animal has a particular symbolic lineage, and as with anything else, has a certain personal significance based upon the meaning attributed by the observer. In other words, a large lizard making an appearance in my bungalow in Koh Phangan has a unique meaning and message for me, compared to spotting a chameleon in your backyard in Louisiana. Interpretation is key!

My current pair of Thai spirit animals signify the following to me:

Lizards urge me to observe my thoughts, particularly those originating from the primal, racing lizard brain. It begs the question: “What am I running away from in response to fear?” This is an apt question as I am living a transient lifestyle of travel and constant movement! Gosh darn, lizard, way to call me out!!

Brown lizards in particular point to the need to ground and deal with core issues. Again, yes, this resonates fully.

Cats are loaded symbolically with their association to witchcraft, the underworld, and the moon. For me, their appearance reinforces the need to be flexible, adapt to change, and experiment with fresh habits.

Their aloofness supports my journey into detachment with love, as I distance myself from people, dynamics, and environments that no longer serve me.

Their mysterious nature lends credence to my exploration into magic and psychic abilities as well as my soul remembering quest to embody my unique true nature.

They also signify self-healing and each being’s ability to tap into their source to heal maladies and karma accumulated in this lifetime and previous lives.

What animals are showing up in your life? Do you share your home with any animals intentionally or unintentionally? Are you noticing any animals in your day to day life or in your dreams? The mere fact that you notice them indicates that they bear a message for you if you choose to listen.

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