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Sober High Idea: See through the eyes not with them

Have you ever noticed how planets look like any other bright–albeit larger–star when viewed in the night sky from earth?

Whereas, viewed from space or images collected by high-powered telescopes, we see the colors and textures and rings and all manner of variety on the surfaces of planets.

They look like glowing orbs or marbles that arouse wonder, awe, and the curiosity to know their stories.

Are we the same then?

Up close and seen through the human eye, we appear detailed and distinct with different colors, shapes, sizes, marks, freckles, moles, hair, genders, nationalities, ages, and more.

Whereas, through the third eye–or sometimes through the uncorrected human eye or from far away–we appear as light.

Sometimes blurry.

Sometimes blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, gold, red, white, grey, or various combinations of the spectrum.

Try it for yourself.

Take off your glasses or contacts, unfocus your eyes, and see.

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