Raw Food Ayurveda Recipe: Quick & Easy RAW Pickles

Are you craving something salty and sour?!

I’ve got just the thing for you!

Eat one of these, and say goodbye to sour cravings.

Say hello to open sinuses!

They are potent, powerful little bombs of flavor.

And, of course, totally raw.

Here’s the recipe!


  • 1/2 English cucumber* (The crunchier your cucumber, the crunchier your pickle, so you may want to go for the smaller pickling cucumbers at the market for the ultimate crunch! English cucumbers are just what I tend to have on hand all the time.)
  • 1 tbsp dried dill
  • 1 tbsp dulse
  • 1.5 cups raw coconut vinegar


  1. Using a mandolin or knife, slice your cucumber into coins.
  2. Place in pint-size mason jar.
  3. Add dulse, dill, and vinegar. If you want them less tangy and potent, cut the vinegar with water. Ensure that cucumber slices are fully submerged in liquid. Shake them up gently to mix spices.
  4. Place jar in refrigerator overnight to chill and marinate.
  5. Serve up with raw burgers, and keep on hand for sour cravings. Note: pickles will be alive and slowly continue fermentation in the refrigerator if you use a living vinegar. Just something to be mindful of!

Doshic Analysis:

Vata – YES! Sour soothes you. All of these ingredients and tastes work for you. The sour taste of the pickles awakens the mind and the senses, aids in digestion, supports high energy levels, moistens other foods, and decreases excess wind (e.g. gas and bloating). Add salt, if you enjoy it and it works for your body.

Pitta – Salt-free is good for you! However, sour tastes have hot, light, and oily qualities, which may aggravate pitta. In excess, the sour taste may increase thirst, create excess heat in the muscles and pus formation in wounds, disturb the blood, and promote acid reflux (e.g. burning sensations in the throat, chest, or heart). It may even encourage sour feelings like jealousy or envy. So use moderation here. Cucumber, dill, and dulse are good cooling choices for you.

Kapha – Salt-free works for you, but sour tastes–due to their moistening and oily qualities–may aggravate kapha. Consumed in excess, sour tastes may increase thirst, create heaviness and laxity in the eyes and body, and promote water retention or swelling. So use moderation here. Dill and dulse are good choices for you. Cucumbers may be too watery for you, but also may be just fine. You can also take this recipe in a spicy direction to amp up your agni, digestive fire, with sliced ginger or hot pepper. Be creative!

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