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Coconut Yogurt: Raw Vegan Recipe

Back in my pre-vegan days, I loved yogurt.

I ate Greek yogurt everyday with my oatmeal and berries.

And, I thought it was super healthy!

Turns out, it’s not! Yogurt is made from milk, and milk is not a human food, let alone a health food. Check out this video to see the link between milk and osteoporosis.

I missed yogurt terribly as a new vegan.

Then, in 2015, I moved to Hawaii, and I learned how to make coconut yogurt.

My life changed…

Here’s The Recipe:


  • 2 young Thai coconuts — You want to get the white ones with the pointed tops in the refrigerated section, not the old brown ones. You will need the soft meat and the coconut water.
  • 1 probiotic–NOT prebiotic–capsule (I use this)


  1. Crack open all your coconuts to remove water. The safest way is to use this tool.
  2. Strain and pour water into large measuring cup.
  3. Open your coconuts fully to remove meat. Use a butcher knife, machete, or your coco jack to do this. You will make a mess, so go outside, or do it in your sink…carefully.
  4. Remove meat from coconut. Rinse with water, and REMOVE ALL HARD BITS. There will be hard bits stuck to the meat, so be really careful to get them all. Brown bits that are not hard are fine to leave on the meat.
  5. Place meat in blender with half of your coconut water.
  6. Blend until smooth, creamy, yogurt like consistency forms. Add more coconut water to make it thinner. The yogurt will thicken up as it ferments, but not much, so you don’t want it runny.
  7. Place coconut puree in large bowl. Don’t use metal. Empty 1 probiotic capsule into the mixture. Stir with non-metal spoon to combine. Probiotics don’t like metal, and we want to make them happy. Now is the time to program your yogurt with positive intentions.
  8. Pour coconut mixture into large mason jar. Cover top with cheese cloth, paper towel, or nutmilk bag, and secure with a rubber band. It needs to be able to breathe.
  9. Let your coconut yogurt ferment for about 24 hours. You can leave it on your kitchen counter, or place it in the dehydrator at 90 degrees.
  10. Taste after 24 hours. Fermentation time will depend on your climate, humidity, time of year, etc. Refrigerate if you like the flavor. For a tangier flavor, let it sit longer.

Use it like dairy yogurt.

Serve it with your oatmeal, put it in smoothies and smoothie bowls, use it as a topping on soups, stews, and salads. You can even make a coconut yogurt hot sauce! The possibilities are endless!

Now I wouldn’t recommend cooking with it, because it’s alive, and you want to keep it that way!

Dosha Analysis

Vata – GO FOR IT! Coconut is really balancing for you. Enjoy it with gusto. Try not to eat it ice cold from the fridge.

Pitta – GO FOR IT! Coconut is pacifying and cooling for you.

Kapha – Watch yourself. Coconut may be aggravating for you. Use in very small amounts, or not at all, if you find it bothers you.

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