8 Steps to Bounce Back from Burn Out

Ever pushed yourself way too hard too fast for too long? You know the feeling. You’re sailing high full of energy—whether it’s natural energy from a great group of people, inspiring work, an invigorating workout, or a beautiful environment, or it’s unnatural energy from stimulants, caffeine, too much sugar, or whatever people do these days to crack out. You feel good…

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The Ultimate Juice Resource: All You Want To Know About Juice

What to expect in this resource: Find out how I got into juice in the first place and completed a 30-day cleanse Learn why the quality of produce is so important to ensure the best possible juice Do you wonder what the difference is between juices and smoothies, and which one you should consume? Are you too overwhelmed by the…

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What You Need To Know About Organic Food, Farming, Pesticides & Your Health

Certified Organic: What does the label mean? In my health coaching practice, I consistently recommend that my clients choose certified organic produce and products whenever possible. Organic is worth the extra costs in terms of money and time to obtain organic food in my small Southern town. Many people are confused as to why organic is worth the extra time and effort. Others are…

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Chocolate Granola Recipe

I told you it was coming, and here it is! Raw. Vegan. Gluten-free. GRANOLA!!!! Featuring cacao and fresh California dates! Order yours here! This recipe is inspired by the Small Footprint Family Ingredients: 4 cups buckwheat groats, soaked and drained 2 cups almonds and walnuts, chopped, soaked and drained (feel free to sub your favorite nut here) 2-4 tbsp cacao…

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Mediterranean Wrap Recipe

Lately, I have been loving wraps! I tend to go through phases like this. Eating salad in creative ways helps ensure that I am eating plenty of fresh raw veggies each and every day AND that I am feeling satisfied. My latest recipe is very easy to put together, and only requires a handful of ingredients that I keep on…

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Easy Breakfast To-Go

Throughout my early life and adolescence, I ate lots and lots of cereal. I loved it! There is something so freaking comforting about the crunch, sweetness, slight saltiness, and of course the multidimensional flavor and velvety texture the milk would take on, as it rehydrated the clusters and flakes swimming therein. So as I’ve matured and healthified my life, the…

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Inception Lettuce Wrap Recipe

The greens within the greens! You can keep it relatively lowfat, or f*** it, and add all the tahini you want. Up to you and your body! Filling Ingredients: 1 box spring mix (about 4 cups) 1 corn off the cob 1 cup cucumber pulp or cucumber through blank juicer cartridge (if using Omega) or just plain ole small diced cucumber hot…

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