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How to Transition Out of Your Zombie Job: 5 Action Steps

As soon as I got my corporate job, I knew I had to get out of it. Call me an escapist, but it was a VISCERAL reaction, much like what I captured in the photo (haha, I am a total crazy person).

Every part of my body and my being knew it wouldn’t be long before I imploded or exploded (again, see picture).

I foresaw the job negatively impacting my overall health via disordered eating, TV numbing, other compulsive behaviors, postural changes and chronic pain due to sitting in a desk, exposure to lots of electronics, etc.

We are the only ones who know which jobs and careers are right for us.

In the steps below, I outline my process in transitioning out of my full-time job in corporate healthcare and into the career of my dreams.

1. Create an alternative career path and/or streams of income. This may mean getting a part-time job you are passionate about (because not all jobs suck). Or, you may want to harness social media and the online sphere to create alternative sources of income.

Or, you may be like me and start your own business centered around your passions. What do you like to do? What gets you excited? Initially, it’s time to explore what you are passionate about, and give yourself choices in how you earn money.

2. Cruise along your alternative career path in your spare time, saving as much as you can. You will get a feel for if it is right for you. Does it feel natural? Does it feel like work or like play? Would you be doing it even if you weren’t getting paid? These kinds of questions are useful to ask yourself in order to get a sense of if it will be sustainable, meaningful, and rewarding longer-term.

I can honestly say that I am stoked to get up at 4am and make juice for people. It ain’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s an integral part of my spiritual practice and morning meditation. I turn on some groovy tunes, and vibe it out, pouring infinitely many positive intentions into my creations.

3. Get your finances in order. Create a budget. Track your expenses and your income. See if this will be a financially feasible move for you.

I found it was good to simply bring more awareness to this part of my life. Full disclosure: I didn’t really get much in the way of financial sensibility in my privileged upbringing. I had no concept of money and how to grind it out to earn a living. Despite years of higher education, I remained financially illiterate. But that has all changed, and what an empowering experience it has been!

By paying attention to your finances, you will get an idea of when the transition can happen. Also, try and cut expenses where you can and minimize. This part has been challenging for me, because I am accustomed to a certain way of living (i.e. doing and buying whatever I want whenever I want bahaha! Can we say privilege!). Still working on it! Progress not perfection, my friends.

4. As for the timing, listen to your gut. You will know when you can no longer tolerate your job as it is. You will know when it is time to cut down from full-time to part-time to outta there! Heaven, you may be a lucky, trusting soul and quit altogether, trusting the universe or God to support you in your leap of faith.

My impulses and emotions have urged me to quit since my very first day on the job in February. Thanks to 12-step recovery and surrounding myself with sane people I trust, I know better than to listen to my feelings alone. This is an INDIVIDUAL process, meaning my path may not be yours and vice versa. There’s no right or wrong way to do this.

Last month, it was clear that it was time to phase out of my job. I was working myself into the ground trying to balance my full-time job and grow my own business. I was not tending to my own self-care as much as I needed to, which is a lot (I’m kinda high maintenance, just sayin’). Of course, this is insane! As a health professional, how on earth am I going to share health with others if I am not doing what is needed for ME to be healthy? Haha, it was loco.

5. Shore up some spiritual mana, or energy. Pray, meditate, visualize, spend time in nature, go to church, attend 12-step meetings, or whatever you need to do to feel supported. This is where the guidance will come from in terms of if the transition is right for you, how you need to execute it, and what kinds of opportunities, connections, and overall lifestyle is right for you.

Remember to listen when God or the universe speaks to you through humans too! That is NOT to say you should listen to ALL humans, because Lord knows, everyone will want to give their opinion. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Ok, y’all that’s it for now.

Know that you are not alone, and I support you in your process.

You are a badass!

Feel free to reach out.

I am always open to connect to other beautiful souls and fellow travelers.

Much love, peace, and light to you,

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