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Give Every Day A Chance

It’s been one of those days when I woke up feeling like shit that has turned into glorious auspiciousness. Just goes to show me that you can’t call a day too soon. Give each day a chance. Even the ones when you roll out of bed feeling miserable and don’t want to do anything but stay in bed and indulge in an escape of your choice.

Instead, I got up and had breakfast in silence, as I love to do. During practice time, the local acharya (senior teacher) provided guidance through mudra space awareness, a series of exercises intended to cut through concepts and ego, right into the heart of now. I so didn’t want to be there and participate, but I did anyway, and actually had fun. The highlight involved reciting a page of nonsense sounds to another individual, and listening to the other person recite them in turn. A lot can be communicated with nonsense words!

Afterward, I was delighted by deep conversations with people I’ve been wanting to connect with more deeply. The kindness of others showered upon me. 

I experienced a furiously hot dish rota (doing lunch dishes for about 50 people) that sucked at moments, but I felt I was in it together with the two others on the shift. It allowed me to see and go beyond the resentment experienced by so many who have done dishes before me. 

The day presented me with an opportunity to finish the sixth Harry Potter book for the third or fourth time…doesn’t get old. I felt inspired to take a walk in the woods exploring trails new to me. I saw beauty everywhere in mushrooms and dancing sunshine and shadow. I enjoyed music sent to me by a friend. I laid in a hammock and reflected on how much progress I’ve made in the art of relaxation. I meditated on a rock jutting out in the middle of the river. I laid in the grass and stared at the sky, the perpetual television.

Today has been a day like any other. Not special. Perfectly ordinary. Give every day a chance, especially the ones that start in struggle.

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