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Easy Breakfast To-Go

Throughout my early life and adolescence, I ate lots and lots of cereal. I loved it!

There is something so freaking comforting about the crunch, sweetness, slight saltiness, and of course the multidimensional flavor and velvety texture the milk would take on, as it rehydrated the clusters and flakes swimming therein.

So as I’ve matured and healthified my life, the love of cereal has transmuted into an absolute fixation on granola.

Aw, sweet God, granola!!!

In my early veganhood, I made granola again and again, and had it every day over non-dairy yogurt.

I was hooked.

If that was veganism, then I was in, and in I have remained four and a half years later.

As I’ve ventured into raw veganism, the desire to create my own raw granola–as an alternative to shelling out 10 bucks for a bag that would maybe last a sitting or two due to my aforementioned predilection (don’t know why I’m being high-browed today, pardon me bahaha)–has manifested in a big way.

Big enough for me to finally take the plunge and buy a dehydrator. What fun I’ve had in less than a week!

And big enough for me to search all over town, fruitlessly I might add, on a quest for buckwheat groats.

Thankfully, Amazon pulled through once more, and my 5 pound bag should be arriving Friday.

Stay tuned for some epic granola crack to come!

My search for buckwheat did bear a secondary fruit in the form of Paleonola.

I know I know I know: vegans are supposed to hate paleos, but I myself do not judge, especially not when the product or recipe is PALEO VEGAN!!! So cool.

Anyway, I’ve been obsessed with the stuff the past couple days. I’m pretty sure it’s not raw, because the nuts and seeds have that divinely toasted depth and crunch, but I ain’t a raw purist either.

My favorite way to enjoy the stuff so far comes in the form of this super simple recipe that’s ideal for those of us still living in the 3D job matrix.


  • granola of choice (extra points for homemade and/or raw)
  • 1/4-1/2 cup dates or date rolls, chopped
  • 1/4 cup cacao nibs (if you’re caffeine sensitive, reduce or use carob nibs)
  • 1/4 cup coconut flakes (if you’re coocoo for cocos!)
  • 1-2 cups fresh or thawed frozen berries
  • 2 cups homemade nutmilk (my go to: 1/4 cashews or pecans blended with 2 cups water)


  1. If you’re taking it to work (as I did), pour your nutmilk into a mason jar, and layer the dry ingredients into another mason jar.
  2. Seal jars, throw your favorite cereal bowl and spoon into your bag, and you’re ready to go.
  3. Give your nutmilk a shake before pouring over your goodies.

This is a hearty breakfast or brunch. I was not hungry again for a while (although I totally ate before I was hungry again due to the abundance of dehydrated goodies going on in my kitchen).

This is the perfect meal to tide you over and provide you with a steady stream of energy throughout your day.

Paleo AND vegan. Raw if you’re cool enough to have raw granola. Enjoy!

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