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Surefire Way To Access More Energy

Carb the FRUIT up!


I know it’s a funny, catchy phrase a bunch of sometimes preachy vegans say…

But it is also true.

For years, I hopped from diet to diet.

I tried all kinds of calorie restriction methods.

I struggled with chronic low energy levels and poor mood.

Then, I tried something new.

I dropped my calorie restriction and diet mentality.

I started eating as many whole, raw, fresh, ripe, mostly organic fruits and vegetables as I cared for.

And, finally, I knew what all the healthy, vibrant vegans were talking about.

Now I have SO MUCH energy!

I feel really great most days…

So please, by all means, eat some healthy carbs.

High carb plant-based diets have been shown to reduce the odds of depression.

One study showed that consuming just one carb rich meal improved depression, tension, anger, confusion, sadness, fatigue, alertness, and calmness scores.

When a study compared a high carb diet to high fat diet, high carb eaters had sustained improvements in mood, energy levels, and other markers of health and well-being.

A 22-week study found that the group on an unrestricted carb rich whole foods plant-based diet had improved digestion, increased energy, better sleep, better vitality and health, and greater work productivity, compared to the group with no dietary change.

This study was supported by a large multi-site randomized control trial.

It’s not a fluke!

Eat more plant-based carbs for more energy and better mood.

Ayurvedic Perspective

Ancient Ayurveda agrees with the most recent lifestyle medicine.

Whole food carbohydrates–organic fruits and vegetables and some whole grains–are considered the most sattvic foods.

These sattvic foods are full of prana (life force), easily digested, and promote wellness and clarity. 

I love when western and eastern science agree…that means we might be looking at truth…

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