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The Rumors Are True: Vegan B12 Deficiency + My Experience With B12 Injections

I remember pretty early on in my vegan journey people cautioned me…

“You know, vegans don’t get enough B12.”

“Vegans are B12 deficient.”

“You can’t get B12 on a vegan diet.”

And, so on.

I mostly ignored these warnings, and brushed them off as the ramblings of ignorant naysayers.

Since going vegan in 2012, I supplemented with B12 on and off.

I learned enough about B12 to soothe any lingering worries I had.

Responsible sources said that it can take anywhere from 3-20 years for the body to run out of its B12 reserves.

On the other hand, many natural hygienists and raw vegan pioneers say you don’t need any form of supplementation at all…

To be reasonable, I got tested every once in a while, and my levels were always ok.

Back in 2014, I started following Freelee The Banana Girl and eating raw. She always talked about using B12 injections to promote weight loss. This was a very attractive option to me.

But, I wasn’t sure where you actually get the injections. And, I was told I didn’t need them by people I trusted.

Fast forward to 2019, and my blood work proved to me that the rumors are true.

Seven years vegan, and I was B12 deficient.

I wasn’t totally surprised, as I had not been supplementing at all the two years prior.

And again, I had hit the 7 year mark.

B12 Deficiency: What To Do

With B12 deficiency, I hit up the local holistic urgent care clinic, and got my first B12 injection.

About an hour after receiving the painless injection, I felt a surge of energy. I felt so so good. Happy, light, energized, I rocked on throughout my day.

B12 is a water soluble vitamin, so it’s pretty difficult to get too much. The doctors at the clinic told me I’d pee out any extra B12, and to expect some pink-colored urine.

My first pee after the injection was slightly pink. That was it.

Nurses at the clinic told me their pee was pink all day long. I took this to mean that my body really needed the B12.

I’ve gotten two more rounds of injections, all spaced two or more weeks apart. You can get them as frequently as once a week.

Each time, I maybe have 1 pink-hued pee. But, that’s it.

It seems my body is still sucking up all the B12 it can to re-stock my reserves.

Since getting the injections, I have noticed…

  • My energy is higher.
  • I am needing less sleep.
  • I feel energized throughout the day.
  • No brain fog or mental fuzziness.
  • Sharp and clear thinking.
  • I always have the energy for 80 minutes of hot yoga at the end of a long day working 8 or more hours on my feet plus 1-2 hours online.
  • No food cravings.
  • Stubborn fat reduction.
  • Less water retention.

Basically, I am loving them. I will continue to get them on occasion until my urine indicates otherwise.

Note: there is always a slight risk with any form of injection. That’s why I’m taking…

The Right Kind of Oral Supplementation

In addition, I am supplementing with Methyl-Guard Plus. I am taking this, because I have a very common MTHF genetic mutation, which means I have methylation difficulties. You can ask to get this tested.

Whether you have the genetic mutation or not, it’s so important to supplement with methylcobalamin B12 rather than the common cyanocobalamin.

Cyanocobalamin is synthetic and cheaper; it must be converted into methylcobalamin or adenosylcobalamin by the body.

My Recommendation

I highly recommend that any and all vegans, vegetarians, and raw vegans get their B12 tested…

ESPECIALLY if you’ve been vegan for 5 or more years!

Long-term vegans are at highest risk for B12 deficiency.

Common symptoms of B12 deficiency include: weakness, fatigue, constipation, anaemia, brain fog, and depression.

Ultimately, B12 deficiency can cause megaloblastic anemia (larger than normal red blood cells) or neuropathy.

B12 is a vital nutrient for bodily function, and we really don’t get much from our diets, whether we eat animal products or not.

We need B12 for:

  • nervous system function
  • production of red blood cells
  • digestion
  • brain function
  • anemia prevention
  • enhanced mood and energy levels

For more info on what vegans and vegetarians need to know about B12, check out this article.

Please, do not take this post to mean you should not be vegan or vegetarian anymore.

You can be a compassionate eater! Just be smart, get tested, and supplement as needed.

Don’t follow the advice of diet gurus who say you never need to supplement. That’s irresponsible BS!

Take advantage of modern technology, get tested, and see where your body is at. With that information, you can decide how to address any deficiencies or imbalances.

You may need to take a supplement, or dietary changes may be sufficient.

In the case of B12 deficiency, you probably need supplementation.

B12 is a bacteria from the soil that is having a tough time in our ultra-sterile modern world.

Even animals consumed for food are deficient, and are being given supplements.

So, a piece of steak “high in B12” is only high in B12, because the cow was given a B12 supplement.

Cut out the cow, and take a high quality supplement.

No animals need die for this!

Recipe In Photo Is…

Omega-3 Red Pepper Salad from Raw Food Romance Meal Plan 2. Get the recipe here.

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