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9 Keys to Wellness

I’ve remembered the keys to feeling really truly deeply good.

This is my personal recipe for success:

  1. Meditation. Every morning first thing. This is nonnegotiable. I enjoy guided meditation and have found my visualization and clairvoyance really open up since I began using Jai Release last October. The humming meditation helps clear away any energetic residue from dream time or the day before. Healing sounds help keep my busy mind focused and sharp.
  2. Yoga. Preferably an hour and a half of kundalini yoga. For me, kundalini is perfect because it incorporates asana as well as spiritual teachings, meditation, breath work, chanting, music, and sound healing. No other form of yoga leaves me feeling as refreshed, energized, content, and peaceful. My chakras feel open and balanced. My heart feels light. My mind feels cleaned and brightened. My aura feels expansive and clear.
  3. Movement. Dancing, walking, swimming, running, cycling, asana, climbing, skipping, whatever. Just move to circulate the lymph and get the endorphins flowing. Moving outside is even better.
  4. Water. Time in the ocean for me is perfect. A vigorous swim followed by a relaxing float. Any time in natural water is best, but an intentional bath, shower, or time in a float tank will do the trick.
  5. Earth. I need my bare feet on the ground daily to feel grounded. Gardening does the same as well as a barefoot walk or run. Get your toes in the dirt!
  6. Raw foods. I can’t stress it enough how much a game changer going raw is for me. I feel my best when I eat whole, ripe, raw, organic fruits and veggies. Local and seasonal are the best. I also feel the difference when I eat meals prepared by myself or others with love. Plus playing with raw food opens up my creativity, and I have tons of fun creating and sharing recipes and my experiments with you.
  7. Heart connection. I haven’t gotten enough of it traveling solo, but this is an absolutely essential piece of wellness. Connecting intimately with loved ones makes life feel more real and meaningful.
  8. Service. Connecting to my mission and living it. I feel I’m discovering and stepping into my truth more and more each day. My purpose is still more nebulous than I’d like, but clarity increases all the time, especially as I practice all of these things consistently. Recovery has taught me to give away what I have. Sharing what I have learned helps me to retain what I have learned and grow even more.
  9. Gratitude. When I do all of the above, I can’t help but feel an immense sense of gratitude. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be alive in this body in this time on this planet. I thank my soul for choosing this life. I thank all of you for being fellow travelers joining together for the upliftment of this planet.

What’s essential for you to feel good?

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