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Two Types of Massage

Yesterday I received a massage that moved a massive amount of energy. Ever received one like that?

When I receive bodywork, I notice the distinction between bodywork only and bodywork combined with energy healing. There is a difference, and to my sensitive nature, it is huge!

When the therapist is giving bodywork only, the massage tends to feel good. It’s enjoyable, and I feel relaxed. I can admire the practitioner’s skill in loosening tension in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. Think physical realm only.

Other times, it’s dreadful. I pick up on the energy of the therapist, and it can be pretty negative.

A couple weeks ago, I received a massage from a Thai woman on White Sand Beach, the major tourist spot here, and I was wishing it would just be over! I was experiencing foul smells, negative emotions, and the real perception that this woman either was or had been a sex worker.

I felt like an energetic dumping ground, and I paid for it!

On the other end of the spectrum is the massage combined with energy healing.

An obvious indication is that the therapist will begin the session by sharing breaths with you. I love this!

On a more subtle level, I notice that I am much more present and fully in the experience, and feel that the therapist is present as well.

There is minimal to no external chatter (between therapist and other therapists as is common in Thailand).

I feel relaxed, spacious, and peaceful in body and mind.

Traumas and negative emotions can come up, but are released, as there is a strong sense of trust and connection to the therapist in a co-created safe space.

I tend to see colors and intuit the energy healing going on. Sometimes, I start communicating telepathically my gratitude.

Usually after the session, I connect with them more (verbally!) and let them know my experience. Typically, it is reinforced with a big, “yes, that’s what I was doing. How did you know?”

This distinction totally separates massage therapists in my mind, and I tend to gravitate to and more deeply enjoy those who offer this deeper healing.

The massage I received yesterday was of the dual bodywork/energy healing variety.

Afterwards, I was so relaxed. I walked down to the beach and sat in a chair to stare at the ocean for nearly an hour.

I stared into the waves and zoned out of three dimensional space and into a higher realm. Auras appeared over the ocean and islands in the distance. Everything appeared much more holographic.

I was in direct communication to my higher self who had lots to say about my direction going forward. I felt crystal clear and centered. I felt so damn lucky and blessed to be alive!

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