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DIY: Seed Sprouting

Stop paying $2, $3, $4, or $5 a pop in the grocery store for sprouts right now! There’s no need. And, you can save on containers and plastic waste if you just do it yourself! Plus, it is super fun and easy. I love watching the little ones spring up and grow to the sun. Clover sprouts especially make me…

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Where Do You Get Your Protein? Part 2

Ok, so here is a typical day of low fat raw vegan eating. Breakfast: Hot Cocoa Lunch: Snickerdoodle Persimmon Nice Cream Dinner: Omega-3 Walnut Dip with 2 heads of romaine lettuce I entered all of these foods into Cronometer, a food tracking website, and voila, all of my protein requirements were met. I ate nearly 50 grams of protein without…

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Big Island Juicy Smoothie´╗┐ Raw Vegan Recipe + Customize According To Your Ayurveda Dosha

Anyone remember the Dole Pineapple Orange Banana juice? It may actually still be a thing… I remember loving it when I was growing up. I could drink glass after glass of it! This recipe is a throwback to that deliciousness. Only, none of the ingredients are from concentrate. Nor are they pasteurized. They are pure RAW awesomeness. These ingredients are…

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Omega-3 Spicy Hemp Dip + Customize According To Your Ayurveda Dosha

This is another rockstar Omega-3 recipe. It’s perfect for an evening meal after a work out. It’s super simple and quick to put together after a long day of work. If I’m really pressed for time and energy, I just eat it with romaine lettuce leaves. It’s satisfying and filling, yet digests easily. Serve it up with your favorite veggies…

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Is The Raw Food Diet Perfect? Nutrient Deficiencies To Watch As A Vegan Or Raw Vegan: Part 3

If you haven’t already, please check out Part 1 and Part 2 to learn the first 5 nutrients to watch on a plant-based (or any) diet. All of the the nutrients I mention in this series are EXTREMELY important to succeeding on a raw vegan or vegan diet. It’s irresponsible to think you can get everything you need by just…

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