Awareness, Spiritual Journey

Metaphor is Reality

The ocean of samsara is literal. It’s not a metaphor. The ocean is composed of many water molecules. The water stores information. It stores memory. It stores the memory of all of human existence. It stores the memory of samsara, the cycle of birth old age sickness and death. It reinforces this pattern and this cycle. The cycle is conditioned…

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Spiritual Journey

Clearing Memories & Letting Go: A Nonlinear Perspective

As I proceed forward along the yogic path, memories emerge from subconscious storage into the conscious mind. They dislodge from the safety of their compartments where they indirectly influence thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Memories visit my inner eye clear as day. I see the situation, surroundings, and┬ápeople involved, myself included. I smell the smells. Hear the sounds. Feel the feelings.…

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