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Abandon Hope, and Victory is Yours

I’ve written about surrender before. It’s one of those buzzwords that is probably in danger of losing its meaning.  That’s why I love the lojong teaching: “Abandon any hope of fruition.” I am working with Pema Chodron’s book, Always Maintain a Joyful Mind, and in it, she presents 59 slogans and corresponding brief commentaries. Like a deck of angel cards…

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Spiritual Journey

Clearing Memories & Letting Go: A Nonlinear Perspective

As I proceed forward along the yogic path, memories emerge from subconscious storage into the conscious mind. They dislodge from the safety of their compartments where they indirectly influence thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Memories visit my inner eye clear as day. I see the situation, surroundings, and people involved, myself included. I smell the smells. Hear the sounds. Feel the feelings.…

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