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Transforming Thoughts Into Things

I was starting to get sketched out around noon. Low blood sugar. Morning went well with meditation, yoga, and spirited walking in the jungle.

I experienced sharp pangs of self-doubt and fear, as I finished up my last IIN Health Coaching module. I just saw barriers to success in helping people and establishing the financial freedom to live comfortably.

I had a moment of overwhelm and losing the faith. In myself really. I noticed all the things I don’t have and freaked out. Lack.

Body intuition chimed in loudly to notify me that my blood sugar was low!

I went to my room and ate a banana of the radmagical variety that wasn’t even fully ripe yet, but was still delicious. I couldn’t even think enough to decide whether my dragonfruit was ripe and if I wanted to take those to the beach, or if my mangoes were ripe and if I wanted to take them, or if my scant hand of apple bananas would be enough food for a meal.

So many frenetic thoughts going on at once that I couldn’t hear! Do you know the feeling!?

I ignored them, and left with the scant hand of bananas and my beach things. It’s not like my place is far away, but that analysis paralysis and decision making overload combined with low blood sugar is not cool.

Walking to the beach, I kept reminding myself to be present. I find that I project into the future A LOT. Granted, I had just been talking to a friend about my plans for after my yoga and Ayurveda training in India.

Before I knew it, I nearly tripped on a fat coconut in the middle of the sandy road. It clearly had fallen from the tree only moments ago, as it was cracked down the middle, and the sand was still wet where the coconut water had leaked out.

Without thinking, I bent down, checked it out, and picked it up. Gleefully and in total disregard of the other tourists walking towards me who half jokingly said to me, “That looks dangerous,” I toted it along to the beach with me to enjoy for lunch.

The last twenty four hours I have experienced a renewed love of coconuts. I had the most perfect coconut yesterday after my massage. Super sweet water and delicious meat of the perfect texture and thickness. It was relatively overpriced, so I had been debating whether I wanted to buy more, or how to incorporate them into my diet here, while also being mindful of my nonexistent but existent budget.

And then bam, there it was in the middle of the road, free for the taking. If that isn’t abundance for ya, I don’t know what is!

I also realize just how powerfully and quickly my thoughts are manifesting these days. This is a much-needed check in to be careful what I turn my attention to.

I believe that in higher realms and in higher frequency/less dense vibrations thoughts instantly manifest. I’ve noticed that as I raise my vibration with fruit, yoga, meditation, and disciplined self-care, my thoughts manifest into things freaky fast.

Just something to be aware of.

Nonetheless, I take this coconut as a sign and encouragement from the universe to proceed forward on the path. It’s amazing to witness the increase in synchronicities, mental clarity, and emotional balance that naturally fall into place when I simply choose to be mindful. I’m so much more in tune with my mind, body, and spirit, and feel so much more like myself.

This is who I am. This is how I be. I am grateful to remember once again.

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