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Rainforest download: We all come in with enough energy to sustain ourselves because we are ALL ONE

I took a walk through the jungle today in a new part of the island for me. I passed through a residential area with an abundance of fruit trees. Sprouted and fresh coconuts littered the ground. Jackfruit, limes, bananas, papaya, and citrus dangled from lush, dense tropical trees.

I walked up and down hills past cozy resorts like ghost towns. Save for a handful of tourists and the random Thai staffer, I was alone.

Alone felt like ALL ONE.

One with nature and the trees and the birds and the lizards laying roadside that scuttled away as soon as they sensed me. One with the universe, all beings, and all of creation.

I felt a blast of trust, as I climbed hill after hill, feeling my glutes and leg muscles activate and noticing the fitness I’ve gained from daily treks through the hills often carrying several kilos of fruit on my back.

We all come in with enough energy to sustain ourselves. We all do.

The skills and knowledge and experiences we acquire. The qualities we cultivate. They are enough because buried beneath them is a common essence that is indivisible and invincible. All one.

I felt a real sense of assurance that although the specifics of my path are uncertain, I will always have what I need, and I will always be able to provide for myself as long as I live authentically in my truth.

For me, this knowing is huge. It represents the shedding of deep layers of conditioning as a “spoiled” only child princess.

I am letting go of implants and false beliefs. What negative programming are you unlearning to be more of who you truly are?

We all come in with enough energy to sustain ourselves. Know that applies to you too. We got this!

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