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Anti-Inflammatory Veggie Sushi Rolls: Recipe

I am obsessed with this recipe. It’s so tasty, fresh, and healthy… Great for weight loss, clear skin, and abundant energy! And, it’s not another boring salad recipe. You gotta try it! It hits all my nutrition goals and targets, featuring: A brazil nut for selenium… Flax and chia for Omega-3s… And, turmeric for it’s rockin’ anti-inflammatory superpowers! Golden Sushi…

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The Rumors Are True: Vegan B12 Deficiency + My Experience With B12 Injections

I remember pretty early on in my vegan journey people cautioned me… “You know, vegans don’t get enough B12.” “Vegans are B12 deficient.” “You can’t get B12 on a vegan diet.” And, so on. I mostly ignored these warnings, and brushed them off as the ramblings of ignorant naysayers. Since going vegan in 2012, I supplemented with B12 on and…

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Change Takes Time: My Vegan & Raw Vegan Transition Story & Slip-Ups

If you read my “Why Raw Foods” Part 1 and Part 2, you may be a little scared. You may be thinking, “FML, I am eating toxic cooked junk.” Or you may be thinking, “That sh*t is whack. I don’t buy into the raw foods nonsense whatsoever.” Chances are you are somewhere in between. I want to acknowledge and welcome…

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Ayurveda: Part 3

If you haven’t already, check out Ayurveda Part 1 and Part 2. Because, today we are diving deep! In this post, you will learn about: health imbalances, the factors that cause imbalances, and what to do about them. In addition, you will learn more about your doshic balance and prakriti (innate nature or constitution). Imbalances Excess Having too much of…

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