Spiritual Journey

Guilt and Gratitude for the Ocean

Today I feel the ocean’s pain.

Grey skies and cloudy mist encapsulate the southern beaches of Koh Chang, echoing her sadness.

In her ever-welcoming embrace, I stare into endless platinum waves.

Her frequency remains high despite all that we do. High enough to continue generating and raising the frequency of all life on the planet.

We all come from her. We all rely upon her.

I am sorry for my contribution to the pollution.

I am sorry for this whole plastic thing we’re doing.

I am sorry for the untold contamination and my ignorance.

I am sorry we hide the consequences of our modern life actions in you.

I am grateful you have taken on our shadow so thanklessly.

Thank you, ocean.

Thank you for holding space for us humans to create things we don’t quite yet know how to manage, as we grow and evolve.

Thank you for accepting us, growing pains and all.

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