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Excuse: I’m Too Busy To…

We’ve all said it.

We’ve all justified not doing something important with this excuse.

But, when it comes to your health, it’s BS!

Crazy as it may sound: the less free time I have, the more successful I am.

I find greater success with my diet, exercise, my own business, my job, running errands, my sleep, my health, my finances, etc.

Now relationships are another story…Stay tuned for that!

It is possible to stay true to your best health habits while juggling a lot of must-do’s.

It may even be easier.

Real Life Example

This past week, my work hours more than doubled.

I went from working 20-24 hours per week at my job to working overtime.

Initially, I panicked!

I thought I was just barely getting it all right and all done as it was.

How could I literally spend 20+ more hours at work, 2+ additional hours commuting, AND stick to my healthy lifestyle?

Well, I did it.

Here’s How:

After triggering my own stress response, I calmed myself down.

This is what I wanted after all. I had not been full-time at my job, because I work for a start-up, and sales were not high enough to give me more hours.

Now, sales are finally high enough. Go LeafSide!

Doubling my hours means doubling my income, and I like that!

Then, I figured out how I could make it workable for me.

I have the great gift of working for a company that does things differently. Everyone sets their own hours and schedule. I get to pick my days off, and start and finish times. Why aren’t all companies like this?!

Because I commute a minimum of 25 minutes to and from work. I scheduled my work day to avoid the traffic rush.

I leave for work around 7am (or earlier), and leave work around 3:45pm.

I changed my dinner prep strategy.

Instead of spending up to 30 minutes prepping dinner in the morning before I leave for work, I cut out my morning prep altogether. I chose simpler meals I could put together in 15 or so minutes in the evening.

If I wanted to prep for dinner, I did so the night before.

For example, I had sushi for dinner last night. The night before, I prepped my cauliflower sticky rice, and julienned cucumbers and bell peppers for the filling. That way, all I had to do last night was make a paste in my blender, roll the sushi, and make a very simple dipping sauce. Then, I got to enjoy my fancier meal.

In the morning before work, I prepped breakfast and lunch only.

I made my ultra-delicious Hot Cocoa to sip throughout the morning, and my Nectar of the Gods Smoothie (ultra-delicious mango-pineapple variation) for the afternoon. All together, this took around a half hour.

By all means, I went to yoga in the evening.

At work, I structured my time and communicated with my boss and other employees that this is important to me. I need to go to yoga so that I can perform better at work and stay mentally and physically healthy. My job is quite physical, and I can feel tension build in my neck, shoulders, and wrists over the course of my shift.

To make my yoga classes, I set a firm finish time on my shifts. I found I need to leave work by 3:45pm during the week, and 3:25pm on the weekends to make my yoga classes at 4:30pm and 4pm, respectively.

Even though I felt tired after working all day on my feet, I found I had plenty of energy for 80 minutes of hot power yoga. In fact, my practice was stronger, and more enjoyable. I felt even greater benefits from the practice. If I managed to get there early, I enjoyed silent meditation time on my mat, which is supremely relaxing after a long, busy day.

For my business, I made sure I got everything done before I left for work.

This meant waking up at 4:30-5am on work days to have at least an hour to devote to my business. I figured out which tasks I absolutely had to do daily, and which tasks could wait until my off days. On my off days, I devote 5 or more hours working on tasks that take longer.

I went to bed early.

I made sure I was in bed and asleep by 10pm or earlier. Fortunately, I had no problem falling asleep, as I was exhausted!

I altered my morning routine.

Because I felt more tired in the morning, I did not do my morning HIIT work outs every day. I listened to my body, and skipped them when I felt I needed an extra 15 minutes of sleep, or time on my business.

However, I did not cut out my morning meditation. That is essential and non-negotiable for me. I found I enjoyed it even more in the absolute darkness of the early morning hours.

I asked for help when I needed it.

A family member was kind enough to offer me additional support, and do some grocery shopping for me. This made it possible for me to continue my healthy diet, and not cut out exercise or time spent on my business to do the shopping myself.

When support is offered and you need it, take it! Or, ask for help when you need it. You’ll be surprised who may want to step up and lend a helping hand.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, I feel I have even more energy and clarity with things so busy.

Having an over-full schedule does mean I have to say no to some things I want to do, like a spur of the moment trip to New Mexico to see a friend.

But I know that the actions I am taking now are aligned with my long-term goals for financial freedom and optimal health. My eye is on the prize in the distance, rather than on short-term pleasure.

Please know that it is possible to stick to your healthy lifestyle when you are juggling many things at once. The key is to structure your time well. Take an honest look at your life, and prioritize the things that are essential to you being the very best you can be.

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