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Emotional Availability: Presence and Openness in the Heartspace

Emotional availability is the extent to which an individual can receive and share heart-based connection with others.

This idea has been a theme of my growth for the past year.

It has helped me discern which relationships are serving me and which require adjustment to be healthier and more expansive.

Emotional availability is a spectrum along which individuals vary greatly, according to a number of factors, such as one’s energy level, health, addictions, level of consciousness, life stage, personality, etc.

For example, someone battling a mental health concern/challenging moment in their spiritual awakening (however you wish to frame it) may be emotionally unavailable for a period of weeks, months, or years.

On the other hand, a person who is generally very emotionally available to others may not be available at the end of a long and stressful day, but may be present to connect deeply once again the next morning.

That’s ok too!

Emotional availability also varies depending on specific relationships.

For instance, I may be very open to connection and emotionally available to my close friend, but reserved and emotionally unavailable to a family member.

I think there may be a time or point in conscious evolution where an individual is able to maintain a state of emotional availability almost always, but it would take a powerful mastery of empathic gifts in order to sustain this energetic signature.

Why it matters: it is so important to have a radar for someone else’s emotional availability in order to build high quality relationships.

Gauging this allows one to avoid initiating or dumping energy to form and sustain an emotional connection with someone who is presently incapable of reciprocating such a bond.

This allows one to redirect one’s energy away from draining dynamics (trying to make the other connect emotionally) to forming and maintaining heart-based relationships.

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