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Figgy Chai: Vegan Recipe + Customize It According To Your Ayurveda Dosha

This recipe is perfect for chilly winter mornings.

It’s super warming, filling, and grounding…

It provides a steady stream of energy all morning long.

I love to drink it as I work on my computer in the mornings.

It’s a great choice for those of you who want to reduce or eliminate your caffeine.

And who doesn’t like figs?!

Growing up in Louisiana, I have always loved them.

And, these beloved figs may help you lose weight!

Figs are packed with fiber, which helps digestion and reduces belly fat.

They may help you burn more calories when you exercise!

They’re rich in vitamins and minerals–calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and magnesium, and vitamins A and B–that boost metabolism!

And, they are low in calories and high in natural sugars.

The best part is: dried figs are available pretty much everywhere all year round!

Just make sure to choose organic, and read the label to avoid any preservatives.

You want there to be only one ingredient on the label: figs!

Here’s The Recipe!


  • 4 bags of high quality herbal chai tea (I use this)
  • 1.25 liters of filtered water, boiled
  • 15 dried figs


  1. Boil 1.25 liter of filtered water. I use this, and fill it all the way up past the max fill line…I’m a rebel like that!
  2. Pour water into an insulated thermos (I use a 40 oz. Hydroflask), and steep tea according to instructions.
  3. Place figs in your high speed blender.
  4. Remove tea bags, and pour tea into blender.
  5. Blend on high speed for about a minute until smooth and creamy.
  6. Pour back into thermos, and enjoy mug by mug all morning long.

Customize This Recipe According To Your Ayurveda Dosha

Vata – This is a fantastic recipe for you! It will help kindle your agni, digestive fire. Feel free to throw in a small chunk of ginger to increase warming quality.

Pitta – Be mindful of the warming quality of chai. If pitta is aggravated, skip this recipe. I am pitta dominant, and do just fine with this. But listen to your body!

Kapha – This is a great recipe for kapha. It will help kindle your agni, digestive fire.  Feel free to throw in a small chunk of ginger to increase warming quality.

Don’t know your dosha? 

Go here, and click “Discover Your Ayurvedic Profile.”

Try it & let me know how it goes in the comments!

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