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Why I Don’t Weigh Myself, Non-Scale Markers Of Weight Loss + Healthy Mental Shift

Yesterday, I noticed a thought.

“I should probably weigh myself.”

See where I am at…

See if I’ve continued to drop pounds since I last weighed myself…

Then, I fully played out the weigh-in scenario.

I imagined getting on the scale, seeing a result I liked, and thinking it was good, BUT…couldn’t I just lose a couple more pounds?

Then, I imagined getting on the scale, seeing a result I didn’t like, feeling negative emotions attack me, and thinking, “I know what to do to lose these last X number of pounds fast!”

I played out both scenarios further, and I could feel my discontent.

…the impending restriction…

…the plans forming, the intermittent fasting, the restriction techniques, the calorie counting, and the compulsive morning weigh-ins!

So I said NO to the impulse.

I decided not to weigh myself.

I refuse to be pulled back into the world of compulsion and obsession with a number.

Because I know the chain of events that number will trigger.

Find out weight => restriction to cut weight faster => binge. And the restrict-binge cycle will continue.

No thank you!

Besides, there are other healthy markers that help me know when I am slowly, sustainably losing weight.

  • Slightly elevated triglycerides means the fat is being released into my blood stream
  • My clothes are looser
  • Feeling lighter and more energetic throughout the day
  • More comfortable looking at myself in the mirror during yoga class
  • I am more flexible, and can get into deeper poses
  • I can do more push-ups, lunges, and other body weight exercises with greater ease
  • General body awareness from my yoga practice

Besides, I am not in a hurry.

I trust my body to slowly reach and maintain its ideal composition, as I continue to make good choices day after day.

Patience is the greatest virtue in weight loss.

Because what they say IS true: the faster you lose the weight, the faster you gain it back.

It is SUPER hard–if not nearly humanly impossible–to lose a whole bunch of weight really quickly and keep it off for good.

Trust me, I’ve done it many times.

Slow, steady, sustainable weight loss is the goal. It’s a process. It’s a day after day progression of committing over and over again to make good choices with diet, exercise, and the other elements of healthy living.

For the absolute BEST results, the focus should shift from weight loss to health.

As we get healthy, healthy weight follows.

Focusing on health instead of weight loss helps lift you out of the binge-restrict cycle of yo-yo weight madness.

Ain’t nobody wanna be there.

When you focus on health, you’re less likely to take some drastic measure to drop weight fast, because you know that’s not healthy or sustainable.

Focusing on health, you’re less likely to beat yourself up, because you aren’t at your “perfect” weight or “perfect” body composition.

When you focus on health, you are more likely to appreciate the progress you’ve made.

Maybe…you’ve reduced your medication for a chronic illness, OR you are more motivated to exercise, OR you have more energy to do the things you love to do, OR your mood is better…

Focusing on health allows you to see the bigger picture. It switches you out of short-term gratification into longer-term gratification.

And that, my friends, is where it’s at.

Concluding Thoughts

Don’t weigh yourself if it will trigger you.

How do you know if weighing yourself will trigger you?

Do what I did: visualize the situation.

Imagine how you will feel, what you will think, and what you will do after weighing yourself. Be honest here. If you see yourself getting sucked into an unhealthy binge-restrict cycle, then don’t weigh yourself!

Notice other signs of progress that you are slowly losing weight and gaining health.

For the best, long-term results, shift the focus from weight loss to HEALTH.

When you make your health the priority, your decisions will be made based on what is healthiest for you.

With good health comes healthy body weight.

Let go of the URGENCY, and instead practice PATIENCE.

This is a long game, baby.


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