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Curiosity About Strong Emotional Reactions + Excellent Angry Song

The Buddha taught the truth of impermanence.

Everything in life is impermanent.

Our bodies










The way things are now…

The good news is: if something in your life sucks right now, you are 100% guaranteed that it will change.

The bad news is: if something in your life rocks right now, you are 100% guaranteed that it will change.

This, of course, can be good too. For example, your investment portfolio does great as the market goes up.

But, it also tanks when the market goes down, if you’re not invested in a way so that you make money when the market is down.

The bottom line is: everything is always changing.

Real Life Example

I had just gotten used to working twice as many, if not more, hours at my job…

I was loving it.

Rolling in that sweet new routine, and figuring out how to optimize my time.

And, loving that new, much bigger paycheck!

But, the other day, my hours were cut.


Like, we’re talking from 40+ hours a week to “We only need you to come in tomorrow, and it will be a short day.”

A week-long weekend!

My initial response was red hot fiery anger.

Pissed off completely.

Total frustration and disappointment.

“What in the hell?”

“How could they do this?”


To make matters worse, my manager broke the news the evening before I was due to come back to work for the week.

So I’d already spent the two days of my “weekend” planning and prepping and making sure everything was ready for my grueling, busy week ahead.

I’d strategically prepared everything–down to what foods I bought to simplify my meals–to ensure a successful week.

And then, BAM, hours cut.

I finally understood a fraction of what it must feel like to be let go suddenly at work. Fortunately, I don’t have a family to feed.

My anger abetted enough for me to see the facts of the matter.

There were not enough sales at the Veg Fest.

We made way too much product.

High supply. Low demand.

In a nutshell, poor planning.

Then, I looked at my mind.

This happened right after a yoga class, so I was pretty dropped in and able to see clearly very quickly.

I saw how my mind had gotten attached to the idea of this new schedule.

My mind was attached to my new hours, my new time management system, and my new high paycheck.

And I thought, “Eh, that’s interesting.”

I was able to detach, and just look at my mind.

I could see what it was doing.

This is what the yogis mean by nonjudgmental awareness.

I wasn’t beating myself up for having a strong reaction.

I was just noticing the strong reaction, and getting really curious about it.

Then, I explored the strong feelings of anger and disappointment.

“Huh, that’s interesting.”

I felt them fully.

They undulated for the next 24 hours.

I felt them strong and sharp right after finding out the news, then they calmed down completely, so much so I thought I was done.

At work the next day, they came back full force.

When I’d calmed down enough, I expressed my truth to my manager in an appropriate way.

I was able to have real conversations with my manager and co-workers that made me feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

This made a world of difference.

And, I was able to move on.

I saw the positive.

I’ll have more time to catch up on sleep and work on my business.

More time for yoga and self-care.

I won’t feel like I’m rushing around.

Moreover, I can get to some things I’ve been putting off.

And, I already have all my groceries for the week.

I have my meal plan for the week full of simple food choices.

So, I can just execute and enjoy my spacious schedule.


Manifestation happens very quickly when you are super tapped in.

Earlier in the day that I received the bad news, I was thinking how the weekend just flies by so fast. Two days go by like nothing, I thought.

Now, I have a weeklong weekend!

You’ve been warned. Thoughts become things!

One other thing I did that really helped me work with this truth of impermanence was…

Listen to this song: Guts by London O’Connor. (Warning: adult language)

Play it when you’re angry at someone.

It will help you feel and release your anger quickly without chewing someone out, punching a wall, or turning it in on yourself.

You will laugh, and transform the emotion.

Because emotions, too, are impermanent!

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2 thoughts on “Curiosity About Strong Emotional Reactions + Excellent Angry Song

  1. You are an inspiration to me Taylor. I love reading your posts. I am working really hard on being super conscious of every thought and transforming them only into positive things. Reading your blogs help me remind me of my goals.

    1. Aw, Yorien! It feels so good to hear this from you! Mindfulness of thoughts is so so powerful. I am glad I can be a reminder to you of the wisdom you already possess within.

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