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Clearing Memories & Letting Go: A Nonlinear Perspective

As I proceed forward along the yogic path, memories emerge from subconscious storage into the conscious mind. They dislodge from the safety of their compartments where they indirectly influence thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Memories visit my inner eye clear as day. I see the situation, surroundings, and people involved, myself included. I smell the smells. Hear the sounds. Feel the feelings. Taste the flavors. I am fully engaged. Initially, the emotions and sensations may be strong and overwhelming, but they reduce in intensity, as I allow them to be and experience them fully. No resistance.

Then, I send a blast of compassion back to my former self going through whatever she was going through, experiencing whatever she was experiencing, and learning whatever she was learning. I send her love. I thank her for her persistence and courage to do what was necessary. I thank her for her strength. I send her a massive hug; the love of the divine mother envelops her.

What I’ve realized is that from a nonlinear perspective these blasts of positive energy and encouragement contributed to me getting through tough times in the past. I have my future (now current) self to thank for adding some fuel to my energy bank during those dark times.

My current self heals by sending earlier versions of myself love and grace. To send the sloppy, less awake, and undoubtedly imperfect earlier versions of myself compassion is to forgive. To forgive and let go.

This is the path of letting go. Letting go is the most loving action I can perform. Letting go liberates me from a narrow-minded subjective perspective and allows me to see the truth of things more objectively.

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