Special Diet, Spiritual Journey

Transforming Thoughts Into Things

I was starting to get sketched out around noon. Low blood sugar. Morning went well with meditation, yoga, and spirited walking in the jungle.  I experienced sharp pangs of self-doubt and fear, as I finished up my last IIN Health Coaching module. I just saw barriers to success in helping people and establishing the financial freedom to live comfortably. I…

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Self-Care, Spiritual Journey

Coach Myself As I Coach Others

If memory serves me correctly, the Golden Rule of Christianity is to treat others the way you’d like to be treated. My new Golden Rule is to coach myself as I coach others. In my travels–especially my solo travels thus far–I’m starting to more deeply and fully apply my own health coaching style to myself and my life story of transformation.…

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Poetry, Spiritual Journey, travel

The ocean is my role model

I want to be like the ocean in the gulf of Thailand just off the western coast of Koh Phangan. The ocean here is calm and still with the gentlest of waves trailing each other, one by one, in the rhythmic procession towards and away from shore. She embraces and accepts everyone who ventures out into her waters. Her salt…

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Poetry, Spiritual Journey

Sober High Idea: See through the eyes not with them

Have you ever noticed how planets look like any other bright–albeit larger–star when viewed in the night sky from earth? Whereas, viewed from space or images collected by high-powered telescopes, we see the colors and textures and rings and all manner of variety on the surfaces of planets. They look like glowing orbs or marbles that arouse wonder, awe, and the curiosity to know…

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Psychology, Spiritual Journey

Why is it so hard to leave? When it’s more authentic to leave than to stay

Again and again, I find myself in situations that feel off for some reason, or I simply know that it’s time to go. I stayed, I received, I gave, I learned, I enjoyed (maybe or maybe not). The subtle buzzer went off. The interaction reached completion. It’s the same type of signal like hunger satiety. I’m full. I’ve had enough.…

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