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Omega-3 Spicy Hemp Dip + Customize According To Your Ayurveda Dosha

This is another rockstar Omega-3 recipe. It’s perfect for an evening meal after a work out. It’s super simple and quick to put together after a long day of work. If I’m really pressed for time and energy, I just eat it with romaine lettuce leaves. It’s satisfying and filling, yet digests easily. Serve it up with your favorite veggies…

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The Best Kraut Ever: 2 Ways + Recommendations According To Ayurveda Dosha

Start saving money now by making your own kraut. Stop wasting money on dead kraut in the store…If it’s not the refrigerated section, it’s not raw. And if it’s not raw and unpasteurized, then it’s dead. Homemade sauerkraut is cheap, easy, and super tasty! Not to mention the incalculable health benefits of consuming real sauerkraut… speedier weight loss reduced cravings…

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Anti-Inflammatory Veggie Sushi Rolls: Recipe

I am obsessed with this recipe. It’s so tasty, fresh, and healthy… Great for weight loss, clear skin, and abundant energy! And, it’s not another boring salad recipe. You gotta try it! It hits all my nutrition goals and targets, featuring: A brazil nut for selenium… Flax and chia for Omega-3s… And, turmeric for it’s rockin’ anti-inflammatory superpowers! Golden Sushi…

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Quick & Easy Recipe: Nectar of the Gods Smoothie

If you struggle to eat healthy at work, this recipe is for you! Seeing as most people spend 13 or more years of their lives at work, it’s a good idea to figure out how to stick to your healthy diet when you’re at your job. There are a handful of ways to ensure dietary success on the job. My go-to solution for my job in food service is to bring a smoothie to drink throughout the afternoon. Best…

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Easy Sweet Treat Recipe: Banana Cinnamon Rolls

The sweetest raw treat in the world is the banana cinnamon roll. Last year at the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2018, I had the absolute pleasure of making thousands of those beauties along with dear friends of mine. I learned the recipe at Woodstock in 2016, and the original version derives from Canadian raw foodie recipe creator, Robert Kornacki. This super…

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Raw Recipe: Snickerdoodle Persimmon Nice Cream

One of my favorite things about the fall and early winter is persimmons. If you have never eaten a persimmon, and you’re reading this sometime between October-December, then go to your nearest grocery store, and get some! The trick with persimmons is to let them ripen. They can take forever. The two main varieties are fuyu or Japanese persimmon and…

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Best Ever Fat-Free Raw Vegan Chili: Recipe

So you want some chili? Yeah, I want some chili! I’m singing to myself just thinking about this recipe…it’s that good! My aunt and uncle enjoyed it when I visited them this fall. Loads of regular eating folks at a expo I did a couple months ago all loved it. My plant-based co-workers at LeafSide all loved it too! Inspiration Credit:…

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