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Matcha Coconut: Raw Vegan Smoothie Recipe + Recommendations For Your Dosha

Simple… Easy… Delicious… Mega-boost of energy… Need I say more?! Ok, I will! I drank this on my hike a few weeks ago, and experienced super blissful energy. It’s a perfect drink for mid-day, as the matcha and natural fruit sugars will power you through the afternoon. Enjoy! Here’s The Recipe! Ingredients: 5 bananas (ripe & spotty) 2 medjool dates,…

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Mindful Movement: Combine Your Exercise With Meditation!

Who doesn’t love a 2 for 1? I loved working a relatively mindless job, because I could listen to podcasts and audiobooks, and learn something new while also making money. I love driving on long roadtrips (another relatively mindless activity), and listening to podcasts and aubiobooks to enhance my knowledge and expand my mind. Running, hiking, or exercising with friends…

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